The Circle for Integrative Transformative and Exploratory Arts (CITE Arts) promotes and produces performances and scholarly exchange between different cultures through international festivals and conferences. CITE documents and disseminates videos of these artistic collaborations and dialogues to both artistic centers and remote locations worldwide, with the eventual goal of creating interaction in real-time through technology.

The founders of CITEarts are Stuart Diamond and Demetrius Spaneas. Together, and separately, they have decades of experience creating and developing innovative programming in music, theater, film, television, and dance. 

Stuart Diamond 

As a composer, musician, videographer and writer, Stuart Diamond has created a vision of art that fuses electronic media and words with music. Early in his career he received a grant from The Criterion Foundation that supported him for six years, for the sole purpose of writing, creating and performing contemporary classical and electronic music.(Read more...) 

Demetrius Spaneas

Award winning composer and performer Demetrius Spaneas travels the world as a musical ambassador, connecting classical, jazz, and traditional music throughout the US, Eastern Europe, and Asia to create international dialogue through artistic collaboration.  He has worked with such diverse artists as John Cage, Ray Charles, and Kyrgyz traditional musicians...

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