Europe and Asia - 2010 

Tajikistan, April-May 2010

Demetrius Spaneas was featured performer and composer at the 2nd Dushanbe International Jazz Festival (now called the Dushanbe Ethno-Jazz Festival). Lectures on American music and performances with Tajik traditional band MIZROB, who premiered Spaneas’ Open Letter to Dushanbe at the festival. Included outreach and lectures and concerts to Khurog and Murghab in the Pamir Mountains, sponsored by the US Embassy. 

Azerbaijan, May 2010

Demetrius Spaneas performed at lectured in Azerbaijan, sponsored by the US Embassy. Itinerary included lecturing at the Baku Academy of Music, performing at the Baku Jazz Center, and being the first American musician to travel and perform outside of Baku, playing for and lecturing to students and audiences throughout the country. 

 Latvia, May 2010

Demetrius Spaneas was a guest of the US Embassy and the Latvian Academy of Music. Lectures on jazz music and a solo performance of contemporary classical and jazz music.

Poland; August 2010

Demetrius Spaneas was a featured artist at the Mozartiana Festival in Gdansk, Poland. His performance was a collaboration with Polish pianist Stanislaw Dejas in which they combined Mozart with American jazz.