RUSSIA - 2007 and 2008 

Demetrius Spaneas spent one year living and creating arts and diplomacy projects in Russia, working closely with the US Embassy in Moscow, the US Consulate in St. Petersburg, and many Russian cultural and academic institutions, as well as collaborations with classical, traditional and contemporary musicians, dancers, and visual artists. 

SHARE concert (humans and laptops and video), at The Place club, St. Peterersburg, Russia. 9/07

Performance at Long Arms Festival, DOM Art Space, Moscow Russia. 9/07 

Performance with the Society of Overtone People, Stray Dog Cafe, St. Peterersburg, Russia. 12/07 

Multimedia performance, DOM Art Space, Moscow, Russia. 2/08 

Program from special concert at Mikail Chemyakin Foundation, St. Peterersburg, Russia. 2/08


Festival of Color, St. Petersburg, Russia; performing with the "Overtone People", June, 2008 

With jazz band Voz do Ar, JFC Jazz Club, St. Petersburg, Russia. 7/08