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The Circle for Integrative Transformative and Exploratory Arts (CITE Arts) promotes and produces performances and scholarly exchange between different cultures through international festivals and conferences. CITE documents and disseminates videos of these artistic collaborations and dialogues to artistic centers and remote locations worldwide, with the eventual goal of creating interaction in real-time through technology.


Historically, the clash of cultures has too often resulted in violence, destruction and war. At the very same time though, the cross-fertilization of philosophies, world-views, and art fueled new ideas, technologies, and development. With today’s explosive growth of commucations and media, the clash and integration of cultures is accelerating exponentially.

The CITE Arts programs explores and demonstrates precisely how the integration of art and culture can work at its best. Artists from different backgrounds will actively work together, exploring their own heritages, while simultaneously integrating their art with each other’s, to create a new expression - the likes of which has never been seen or heard before. 


CITE produces multi-day events that consist of not only performances, but also series of seminars and workshops for the schools and technology communities, as well as open events for the public. Entire events and processes are broadcast to the world through online streaming. Audiences will watch and hear how creative tensions between cultures can generate great new music. 

The CITE Arts events will become emblematic of the power of music and the Internet – and how it brings people together. 


Our goals with these festivals are to create a platform for cultural diplomacy that gives artists from oppressed regions a voice in the west, establish a platform for social activism through arts and arts education, and partner with other international cultural institutions to stimulate artistic creation and education through exchange of students, scholars, and professional artists.